Fairgreen Cluster Association


Fairgreen Cluster Association

Fairgreen Cluster Association is a homeowners association incorporated in 1972 under the non-stock corporation laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each of the 38 homeowners who own property on South Lakes Court and Colts Neck Court are members of the corporation, which is governed by a five member Board elected by the resident owners. The Directors are volunteers who serve without pay.


The common property, which is maintained, improved and beautified, is approximately seven acres of land, which includes parking lots, sidewalks, a tot lot, a small area of woods and open grassy spaces. The authority given to the Board of Directors comes from Article VII of the Deed of Amendment to the Deeds of Dedication of Reston, the Code of Virginia, the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws. As a homeowners' association, Fairgreen Cluster Association is subject to the Virginia Property Owners Association Act. Further, as a homeowners' association in Reston, it is subject to the design and use covenants of Reston Association



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